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Are you looking for a reliable place to teach your children Arabic? Look no further than the Arabic classes for children at Noor Institute.

Learning Arabic equips children with valuable language skills, cultural awareness, and a global perspective. It enhances personal growth, opens opportunities, and prepares them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

This blog will discuss the importance of teaching your children Arabic, and why Noor Institute is the perfect choice for this. With native teachers, an immersive learning environment, and a variety of teaching methods, Noor Institute will help your children learn Arabic quickly and effectively.

Why Arabic language classes for children are essential? 

Learning Arabic is essential for children for a number of reasons.

  • First, it allows them to connect with their heritage and culture. Arabic is the language of the Quran and the Hadith, and it is used in Islamic rituals and prayers. Learning Arabic gives children a deeper understanding of their religion and culture.
  • Second, Arabic classes for children can help children develop their cognitive skills. Studies have shown that learning multiple languages can improve children’s memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. It can also help them to become more open-minded and tolerant of different cultures.
  • Third, learning Arabic can give children a competitive advantage in the job market. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, there is a growing demand for Arabic speakers. Arabic is also the language of business in many parts of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Fourth,  learning Arabic can be a source of personal growth and self-discovery. Mastering a foreign language requires dedication, perseverance, and an open mind. Children who learn Arabic develop resilience, adaptability, and a sense of accomplishment. It broadens their horizons, enhances their self-confidence, and encourages them to embrace new challenges.
  • Fifth: Arabic classes for children can enrich children’s travel experiences. The Arab world is home to breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, and vibrant cities. Being able to communicate in Arabic allows children to navigate these destinations more confidently, engage with the local population, and gain a deeper appreciation for the culture and traditions they encounter.

There are a number of benefits of Arabic classes for children. Children are more likely to acquire a native-like accent if they start learning Arabic at a young age. They are also more likely to be motivated to learn Arabic if they are exposed to it in a fun and engaging way.

Why Noor is the best online Institute? 

Noor Institute is a highly regarded institute for teaching children Arabic with native teachers. It offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of children of all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced.


One of the things that sets Noor Institute apart from other Arabic language schools is its focus on native teachers. Native teachers are able to provide children with a more authentic and immersive learning experience. They are also able to teach children about the culture and customs of the Arab world.

Here are some of the benefits you get with Noor Institute:

  • Native teachers: Children will learn from native speakers who have a deep understanding of the Arabic language and culture.
  • Immersive learning: In Arabic classes for children, children will be immersed in the Arabic language and culture, which will help them to learn more quickly and effectively.
  • Variety of teaching methods: Children will learn through a variety of interactive lessons, games, and activities to keep them engaged and motivated.
  • Focus on speaking and listening skills: Arabic classes for your children have the opportunity to practice their Arabic speaking and listening skills with native speakers.
  • Small class sizes: Children will learn in small classes, which allows the teacher to give each child more individual attention.
  • Noor Institute also offers a variety of teaching methods to keep children engaged and motivated. Children learn through a combination of interactive lessons, games, and activities. They also have the opportunity to practice their Arabic speaking and listening skills with native speakers.

Online Arabic classes Free

Noor Institute offers a free trial for children to learn Arabic. This is a great way for parents to try out the program and see if it is a good fit for their child. The free trial includes one week of access to all of Noor Institute’s online Arabic classes for children.

During the free trial, children will have access to all of the features of Noor Institute’s online Arabic classes. This includes interactive lessons, games, activities, and the opportunity to practice their Arabic speaking and listening skills with native speakers.

At the end of the free trial, parents will have the option to purchase a subscription to Noor Institute’s online Arabic classes. If they choose not to purchase a subscription, their child’s access to the classes will end.

Here are some of the benefits of trying Noor Institute’s free trial for children to learn Arabic:

  • It is a great way to see if the program is a good fit for your child.
  • It allows children to try out different Arabic classes to see which ones they enjoy the most.
  • It gives children the opportunity to learn from native Arabic speakers.
  • It is a fun and engaging way for children to learn Arabic.

What is the best age to start Arabic classes for children?

Children can start learning Arabic at any age, but it is generally recommended to introduce them to foreign language learning when they are young. Many programs and schools offer Arabic classes starting from around age 6 or 7 when children have typically developed some foundational language skills and cognitive abilities.

In conclusion, Arabic classes for children offer numerous advantages for children. It allows them to connect with their heritage, develop cognitive skills, and gain, and foster personal growth. Learning Arabic equips children with valuable language skills, cultural awareness, and a global perspective that will benefit them throughout their lives. If you are in the UK you can take advantage of our Arabic language course in Birmingham




Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Noor institute located?

Nour institute is an Egyptian institute with an Egyptian administration, headquartered in Egypt, and has another branch in Turkey.

What are the services provided by Noor institute?

Noor institute teaches the Arabic language, Holy Qur’an and Islamic studies to Arabs and non-Arabic speakers.

Where can you learn with us?

We teach online only through Zoom platform.

Which courses are available?

Holy Qur’an, the Arabic Language, and Islamic studies courses are available.

What does the Holy Quran course include?

It includes studying of the foundation book and studying of Tajweed, in addition to teaching memorization, revision, reciting and interpretation.

(Quran Course)

What is the study schedule?

It is up to you. You can choose any days and any times that suit you.

What are the courses fees?

We bill the student monthly in advance, based on the number of the study hours he will take.

You can find out exactly what you will pay per month through this link.


What does the Arabic course include?

It includes studying from the foundation book. Then, the student start studying from advanced Arabic books. Reading, writing, listening, conversation and grammar are taught, as well.

(Arabic Course)

What does Islamic studies course include?

It includes Aqidah, Fiqh, Seirah and hadith.

(Islamic Course)

Do you provide a free trial session?

Yes, we offer a free trial session to test the experience before starting the study.

Who teaches?

Qualified native Arabic speakers (Egyptians), proficient tutors in Holy Qur’an, its sciences, and the Arabic language, and its branches are the tutors who teach.

Are there female teachers?

Yes, we have many distinguished male and female teachers.

What ages do you teach to?

All ages from 4 years old to infinity.

Is the class dedicated one-on-one or group?

It's dedicated one-on-one session for maximum benefit.

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